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I love a great deal! Whenever I find affordable and inexpensive items that are awesome, I review 'em!

Sunshine Gallagher

Shark or Dyson? Which is the best vacuum cleaner?

Shark vacuum?  Dyson vacuum?  Which is better?  Which should you get?  Which vacuum cleaner works best?  lasts longer? is the best for my money?  All those questions answered here.

Sunshine Gallagher

Sunshine Gallagher

Glass Door Mini Fridge

Consumer reports, reviews, and ratings on all the best glass door mini fridge and mini refrigerators.

Sunshine Gallagher

Cheap And Unique Tiffany Blue Favor Boxes

Beautiful selection of Tiffany Blue Favor Boxes for wedding, bridal showers, baby showers and more.


Sunshine Gallagher

Best Self Cleaning Cat Litterbox Reviews

I was reading these self-cleaning litterbox reviews and saw the one we have so thought I'd throw my 2 cents in.

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We have the ScoopFree automatic self-cleaning litterbox and it's been awesome. 

We've had it for over 5 years now and never a problem. 

No litterbox stink...and no scooping out clumps of cat poo.  VERY happy with it.

This is where I bought our automatic litterbox -

Best money I ever spent on a cat product!

I get my litterbox refills here - much cheaper and free shipping!


Sunshine Gallagher

Great Site for School Backpacks

The countdown has begun in this house!  Can you believe it’s time to do back-to-school shopping already?  Sheesh, where did the summer go?  It makes me a little sad that now it’s time to put away the shorts and flip flops, say good-bye to the lazy fun in the pool – and set up a good study space for them.

What’s worse, is I think I am already suffering from Back To School BURNOUT!  Yes, ALREADY and I just started!

Yesterday, I was all over online looking for good deals on really cute backpacks for the kids.

Came across this new site that has lots of adorable styles.

Here’s some quick links to what they have on their site.

Types of Backpacks

And here are some specific cute ones I liked:

Sunshine Gallagher

Best Affiliate Link Protector

Lost commissions are a common occurance for affiliate marketers.  Our affiliate links get 'lost' so many times and most affiliates are not even aware that it's happening and that they are LOSING MONEY.

==>>  This is the best tool to protect your affiliate links



Sunshine Gallagher

Sunshine Gallagher

Sunshine Gallagher

Best Full Size Folding Bike Review and Demo Videos

Looking for an awesome yet affordable full size folding bike?

Read this review (and watch the quick videos) - super helpful!